Elizabeth Apartments

Elizabeth Apartments, Surry Hills

Design Concept 2011

8 level residential apartment development

Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

CREDITS Principal in Charge:
Richard Huxley

Design Principal:
Richard Huxley


The site is located on Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills. The site adjoins mixed-use zoned land to the north and south. There is an 8 storey residential building to the south on the opposing corner of Belvoir + Elizabeth Streets and a 7 storey residential to the north. The site has frontage to Elizabeth Street to the east and Little Buckingham lane to the west. The building is located on a main city exit street running to Cleveland. The precinct has substantial warehouse buildings, residential and commercial building and is an “up and coming” apartment area in the CBD fringe.

The site is approximately 5 minutes walk or 600 metres from Central Station. The precinct is also home to a number of social housing projects in Belvoir and Wilton Streets and the Belvoir Street Theatre. The site amalgamates 6 different parcels of land into one larger block of circa 2,000 m2. The design concept was to create a high quality external metal façade detailed around the concept of camera apertures where each apartments outlook was framed by 2, 3 or 4 apertures.

Rather than expressing the apartment building on a floor by floor, window by window, balcony by balcony basis we conceived the building as an amalgam of smaller repetitive elements so that it would read as one built form with perforations hovering over the ground floor columns. The result is a sophisticated and urban statement more akin to a public building than a stock standard apartment building. This idea combined with the boutique style retail, restaurant and providore shops that fill the ground level make this building a next generation addition to the neighbourhood.

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