Kensington Apartments



Eighty Eight Kensington Apartments


Completed project 2018


126 apartments,

2650 m2 retail +

carparking for 278 cars


82-106 Anzac Parade

Kensington NSW Australia


Principal in Charge:

Richard Huxley

Design Principal:

Richard Huxley

Project Team Leader:

Richard Huxley

Project Team:

Richard Huxley

Kevin Ngundu

Daniel Kanjagua

Richard Wilkinson

Kim Nguyen Ngoc

Sejin Cheon


The site is located in Kensington in Kensington Town Centre, Centennial Park and Randwick Racecourse. The site is ostensibly flat with under a circa 500mm cross fall over a circa 100m length. The site currently has a series of single and 2 storey buildings with little and no architectural and urban design merit located on it. The site has a 6 level apartment building to the north, a series or low rise apartment buildings and houses backing onto the eastern boundary separated by their backyard landscape spaces with a number of them containing substantial trees. The site is bounded by Goodwood Street to the south and Anzac Parade to the west. The built environment is of poor quality, lacking coherence and appears too small in context of the street widths and public space. An influential dimension of the physical context is the length of the site, its corner position and the fact that it is the first block in the Kensington town centre that has active commercial and retail street frontages. All of these issues must also be seen in the context of the substantial physical dimensions of Anzac Parade. We have sought to (A) create a major retail offering with ground floor transparency and activation to be a gateway for the town centre in terms of retail use and street activation, (B) create a series of built forms with spaces between them to break down the length of form and express the corner consistent with the street dimensions, (C) setback the main bulk of the building back from the eastern boundary, heavy landscape the podium and in so doing amplify the landscape value of the adjoining properties trees.

Given the extraordinary length of Anzac Parade, its function as an important transport artery running from the CBD and its extraordinary boulevard character and width, being circa 40m, we have responded to provide an appropriate dimension of built form rising up to circa 40m + on the corner of Goodwood and Anzac Parade stepping down to relate to the 6 circa 25m height of buildings to the north of the site.

To achieve an appropriate response to the Kensington Town Centre, Anzac Parade and the site length we have create 3 separate built forms with 5 different built form elements and 10 different and alternating fa├žade elements to establish a rich rhythm and character to enhance the streetscape.

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