Rydalmere Apartments


Rydalmere Apartments

Planning Proposal Submitted

Fife Capital Pty Ltd

9 Residential buildings with
retail + heritage
1000+ apartments & car parking

Rydalmere, Sydney, NSW


Principal in Charge:
Richard Huxley

Design Principal:
Richard Huxley

Project Team Leader:
Richard Wilkinson

Project Team:
Richard Huxley
Siem Salem
Richard Wilkinson
Vittoria Donadei
Sheng Qiang
Kudzanayi Ganga


The Kirby Street masterplan will see the successful transformation of an isolated and inappropriately located industrial area to a high quality residential precinct with excellent access to public transport, facilities and services. The Kirby street development will provide high quality residential housing set amongst landscaped streets and open spaces of exceptional quality and interconnectivity.

The masterplan proposes the adaptive reuse of Upjohn House which provides an improved physical and visual connection with Upjohn Park and ensures its viability and long term conservation.

The development will enhance the surrounding environment, benefiting the new and existing community and supporting Parramatta as Australia’s next great city. Bureau of Urban Architecture (Bureau) has been engaged by Fife Capital (Fife) to examine the future development potential of over 5.2 hectares of land located at Kirby Street, only 7km from the Parramatta CBD.

Smaller green spaces with individual characters to the South of site are linked by a pedestrian and vehicular network to the major greens spaces to the North. These spaces provide a “heart” to the village centres, providing maximum solar access and multiple linkages to residential apartments. Collectively, the spaces and places integrated with pedestrian friendly streets encourages street level activity and vibrancy. The proposal is for a scheme that provides permeability to the site as well as within the wider precinct. The built form is configured around an ordered structure of paths and through-site links. The scheme creates pedestrian connections between publicly accessible spaces for passive recreation; encouraging both east- west movements as well as north-south movements between magnets Subiaco creek and Upjohn park.

The configuration of the buildings and the open space allow a network of high quality open space to be created within the site. In this way, the site itself will become a magnet.

Generous building setbacks are proposed which allows for higher buildings towards the centre of the site without resulting in any adverse impacts on the current streetscape character. Potential issues of views and privacy from Patterson street are mitigated with these additional setbacks, they compound the “buffer” effect of Subiaco Creek.

Massing on the lower part of the site bordering Subiaco Creek is dispersed between green corridors - avoiding a “walling effect” allowing views from the properties on Patterson Street to be preserved.

The building footprints allow the Subiaco creek landscape to penetrate into the site. The alignment of the buildings allows the set back from the Site Boundary to achieve a setback range of between 25 - 150 metres.

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