Oxford Street Apartments


Oxford Street Apartments

Competition Design

220 residential apartments
Carparking for 240 cars
500 m2 Retail GFA

44 - 48 Oxford Street
Epping NSW Australia


Principal in Charge:
Richard Huxley

Design Principal:
Richard Huxley

Project Team Leader:
Quetzal diaz de Leon

Project Team:
Richard Huxley
Quetzal diaz de Leon
Richard Wilkinson
Kim Nguyen
Garvan O’Gara
James Farquharson
Siem Salem


The site is located in Oxford Street, Epping which benefits from being close to Epping Station and the M2 Motorway in Sydney’s north-west. The project will be one of the first of a series of larger buildings to be developed around the Epping Town Centre as a part of new Sydney Metropolitan planning changes to create urban renewal and greater residential populations around transport nodes. The site is ostensibly flat is covered with an existing low rise building without much natural vegetation. The site adjoins a small church to the south whose height and size is similar the existing building environment, being minor 1 and 2 level structures with minimal building footprints and a substantial amount of building separation creating an extremely low key streetscape more akin to a country town. Notwithstanding, Epping is a place in transition as the new planning changes to density will require large built forms and with this the fundament design challenge relevant to all sites in the precinct, how best to add new and exciting buildings of substance and size in a low-key suburban setting. It is with the above context in mind that we approach the design of approximately 220 apartments and high street retail for this site.

The design concept for the project is to create a unified podium and tower building that would that to relate to the scale and proportions of the streetscape and covey a sense of place for Epping both in terms of current and future place. The design of the 2 storey brick form fenestrated with a series of large arched openings to echo the pointed arches and materials of the church next door is . On top of this podium we have designed an outdoor communal area with a striking and unique cantilevered pergola element creating filtered light and character to the solidity of the brick base. This cantilevered pergola element then becomes the “trademark aesthetic” in an alternating pattern of the building face only to be broken up further by a pattern of boxed planter elements in different materials. The residential entry to the project is through the central arch that leads the resident through to a central ground floor corridor. This corridor provides access to the building’s 2 lift cores. The plan configuration breaks the built form into 3 tower elements. The lift cores are located in the west and east elements allowing the majority of apartments to be single level and due to the ling nature of the building the middle or central building form permits a number of cross over apartment together with single level apartments to ensure both a mix of unique and interesting apartments and the requisite amount of north facing apartments to comply to Council’s DCP and SEPP 65.

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