Trinity Point


Trinity Point

Design Concept

Johnson Property Group

Development Manager:
Johnson Property Group

105 apartments + houses
23,400 m2 Residential GFA
Carparking for 310 cars
2,632 m2 Retail + Tourism GFA

Trinity Point, Morriset,
Lake Macquarie NSW Australia


Principal in Charge:
Richard Huxley

Design Principal:
Richard Huxley

Project Team:
Richard Huxley
Micheal Fountain
Sean Choo


The site is located on the western side of Lake Macquarie at Morriset, in the Central Coast of NSW. The idyllic lakeside site had been vacate for a significant time and had historically been used for a boarding house and a retreat for a religious organisation. The surrounding built environment of Morriset is typical of the Central Coast being generally low key, comprised of simple weekenders and Sydney commuter housing. Being relatively close to the train line between Sydney and Newcastle presented this site with its development potential although we were commissioned in 2009 and post GFC residential sales were very slow and the project required careful strategic development and design thinking.

The project opportunity came to us after the client had spend 10 years getting the project elevated through the Part 3A planning process to being approved in principle however the schemes that been conceived by previous architects had been too intense, costly and less reflective of the unique and humble lakeside environment. We believed the client was better to reduce the hotel, retail and apartments and introduce lake-side housing.

To that end, we created an interesting blend of beach houses and terraces. We also simplified the construction, minimized excavation and enhanced the stage-ability of the project to make the project easier to fund. The resultant scheme is a great combination of common sense and place specific architecture.

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